I wonder of Absolute, life and death, silence in its totality has no static to tune down, nothing to shut out. Silence and Absolute live in balance out under the magnolia. I wonder of Forever and say thank you to Joe Ely, yes the road goes on forever and the party never ends. There are many broken dreams along the walk to Paradox, there lives in the ditches and streams lilies and thistles and vines with stickers and thorns.

Out by the edge of the field there stood a full formed dogwood tree, every year Charmaine and I went to stand around and by and under the tree that gave us such great beauty. But some years ago an extended drought took the dogwood from life to a skeletal form. Now some years later, the site of the tree is the center of a feral hog trap. Paradox will indeed come to call from time to time and command in turn, we as survivors make the turn on a dime.

What do you say to Over, when he knocks on your door? What do you say to Done, when she taps on your window pane? How do you turn around and face the very wind that has prevailed to your good? But now has you in a deep lean. I saw some men in a pen, pushing sticks against the wind.

See / Saw

James Surls currently lives and works in Carbondale, Colorado and Splendora, Texas.