Thank YOU ❤ NONE ESCAPE THE LAWS OF GOD ❤ Tired of suffering? Just turn and do good ❤ A truth You've ignored is simply YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ❤ The major cause of low intelligence and hard hearts is the eating of animals 👍 Time to wake up 🙏 You haven't seen anything yet 🙏 "EVERY KNEE WILL BEND" ❤ Peace Be With You ☮ ❤ PRAISE GOD ❤ LOVE, forrest

Reap What You Sow

I'm hoping Art can make a difference. It wasn't Art that woke me up. It was the writings of people trying to give beneficial knowledge to the masses so they could wake up and save themselves. My work, call it Art if you want to, consists of messages to wake you up. I try to make the pieces where it gets your attention. They are signs that teach people who are not likely to read anything beneficial. It's stuck right in front of them where they have to give it some thought, whether they want to or not.

Light, in my mind, is beneficial—knowledge that allows a person to raise consciousness so they become a more spiritual Loving Human. I'm still working on LOVE. I've grown spiritually, but I have a long way to go. Complete redemption is possible. But you'll live as a saint before you ever have Peace.

I'm purifying myself to raise my consciousness so I can be ready to move to another dimension and I haven't made any progress that I can see. But Signs/Art will raise someone's consciousness when they get the message about eating God's creatures and knowing that everything they do to another will have to be answered to in this life or the next. None Escape the Laws of God. Tired of suffering? Just turn and do good.

A truth You've ignored is simply YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

We have screwed up the air, of course. But now we have really done it with the airwaves, which is causing the Virus. All this because we have turned our backs on the Holy Spirit, which was put in place to allow us to become co-Creators instead of just dummies by a merciful Creator, who wanted us to have a LOVE-filled experience on Mother Earth so we could move to a higher plane.

But we don't have to worry. This is all part of our Creator's master plan. Of course, all this is just what I've been led to believe and I can't even take care of myself. When I say "Save Us," he will stop the killing, but everyone has to save themselves. The Messiah will show up at the appointed time to save our dumb asses, but it's going to be quite a ride, as we are beginning to see. EVERY KNEE WILL BEND.

Peace be with You.

Praise God—LOVE, Forrest

Forrest Prince is an artist and activist based in Houston.