Linda Blackburn

Webster's dictionary has one definition of "virus" as "a harmful or corrupting influence."

When one looks at a masterwork by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Mondrian or Van Gogh, or hears Johann Sebastian Bach, or experiences an excellent poem, or even drives through an immense and vast landscape, one senses a beautiful order that is beyond what seems normal.

This order or harmony, balance, perfect form and space show us what is really all around us but sometimes is hard to see. We value the arts for this gift of vision or open door. It is Truth visualized.

Van Gogh expressed humility and truth and a great compassion . . . a love for mankind. He also valued strong form, space and order to make the work very available. His "Starry Night" has this balance of strength and inspiration, heavenly qualities. This combination has made it universally loved.

Someone once said "Love without Principle is like a jellyfish and Principle without Love is like an iceberg." These qualities are important to most artists, including me.

Linda Blackburn lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas.