Pandemic Dream

When I was a kid an old woman lived down the street who, for a can of soup, told your fortune.
She told me my lucky number was 7, lucky color blue, I would travel, and that I had special powers and could fly.
Lately I've been spending time alone overthinking and her predictions came back to me.
I put a 7 over my door and then painted it blue, and I tried to remember how to fly.
One night I went to bed and as I lay waiting for sleep I found I could see the stars.
I rolled over to see the roof of my building was below me.
That night I flew.
I found a bird singing in a tree across the street.
He gave me a charm bracelet of little blue birds.
I look closely and see they are alive.
They start giving me advice.
Now I fly every night and the worries have gone.

Sarah Hutt lives in Boston.