Alex Shinohara

Dispersed, spirits, scatter,
no solution,
fully ruined, nobodies choosing,
reclusive seclusion, to lose in,
intolerable pollution,
nature's antenna, a phantom with a pen and,
artificial thunder, branches sending,
generator, consternation, coercion,
flirting with substances, that's perverting,
certain elements, that's been distraught,
behind a curtain,
nows its twerking, for so called boss,
thats nursing, eager minds swerving,
swipe like a hand in a purse and,
whatever else, past disturbing

Deranged, arranged,
moral disembodied, underlying faculty,
non principal actually, capacity, immaterial,
lost course, towards, decadent floors,
wanna tackle us, with emptiness, vacuous,
obscure palace, order malice,
wet guilt, looking for where the towel is,
concious mixed like paint on a palette,
tenebrous notion, toss like salads,
callous intention, befog conception,
deception addressing, to freeze value,
like resin

Alex Shinohara is currently living and working in Brooklyn.