Lux Azul


14 years. Allen had probably been gone longer in his mind when he told me 14 years ago. He always wanted to serve a better purpose. I still can't find the Lux on this rock, just the survey posts. This place is beautiful. Mom would have loved the color of the light here. I know Allen did. He could still be out there, hidden behind a different star. This is my third time coming out here. Hurts more this go. I don't know if I want to come here anymore.


I'm still waiting for B-W to finish. Code is too old . . . or new? I found a real paper notebook and some memcards in a bag from this station. I should have brought better robo to scan. I'm surprised how many DP he managed to install, just like he did on Onne. Can't that thing move any faster?


Encel? Why, Encel? All the way back to that old place? He never even owned the ship. It used to have a NOPAL signature. I wonder if this thing is still hot. What was he doing? He always talked about lights and animals . . . his dreams. I always remember letting him tell me over and over that time when he and a friend saw a ghost or some light from the ground. His drawings in that notebook I found reminded me of his crazy stories. His notes are going to take longer to translate. I'll head out there soon. A couple more days of fuel-mining and I'll be on my way. I haven't seen those rings in a long time.

Jorge Alegría has produced and exhibited his work for over two decades. In 2003, he and David Hill started the independent art space Residence. Revived in 2013 as The Living Room, Alegría featured one-night shows of his new work and selected artists. In recent years, his drawings and paintings have been included in solo and group exhibitions and art collections across Texas including Presa House Gallery, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Rockport Center for the Arts, Southwest School of Art, and the Art Museum of South Texas. Alegría currently lives and works in his hometown of Corpus Christi.